Tree Trimming in Madison County, AL

Trees are beautiful on your property, but can be hard to maintain without the right equipment. It also takes the knowledge and skill to make sure you’re giving your trees the right care, instead of accidentally harming them.

Evergreen Lawn Care takes the guesswork out of tree service in Madison County, AL. Call on us for all of your trimming, pruning and shaping needs, and we’ll make sure your tree is allowed to flourish on your property.

Tree Care

Don’t put yourself in danger by getting up on a ladder to trim your trees! Leave this job to us. We approach every tree trimming in Madison County, AL with emphasis on safety—for both our workers and the tree. Using the right equipment and drawing from years of experience, we’ll cut away dead limbs, overgrowth and dangerous branches with precision.

Tree Pruning

Is your tree so thick that it’s bearing down on itself? Pruning is the best way to reduce this burden, and can help ensure positive, healthy growth in the future. We’ll pinpoint areas ripe for pruning and cut them back appropriately.

Tree Installation and Removal

In addition to maintaining your trees, we can also add or remove them as necessary. Dead or infected trees need to be properly felled, processed and removed before they become a danger. Count on us to expedite this process, to remove at-risk trees from your property. Likewise, we can plant new trees and properly anchor them to bolster growth.

Gutter Cleaning

Don’t want to spend time on a ladder, pull leaves out of your gutters? Ask us about this service the next time we’re on your property tending to your trees!

For more information about our tree care services or planting/removal capabilities, please contact Evergreen Lawn Care today at 256-763-4003. We’ll be happy to come out to your property to consult with you about the unique needs of your trees.